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Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA)

The Center of Excellence for the Air Barrier Industry

About ABAA

ABAA Committees

Standing committees are formed by the Board of Directors to carry out the association's mission, design and develop policies and procedures and make recommendations to the Board. The ABAA management team is available to assist committees in an administrative capacity as well as to provide leg work deemed necessary to achieve committee goals. Although physical attendance is encouraged, all meetings have conference call ability and members have the option of participating via telephone.

The following committees have been established as standing committees. The work of these committees is to develop and draft policy, and present recommendations to the Board of Directors. Committee recommendations do not go into effect as organizational policy until such time that the policies are formally adopted by the resolution of the Board itself.

  1. Certification Management Committee
  2. Conference Committee
  3. Contractor Committee
  4. Credibility & Quality (Technical) Committee
  5. Housewrap Committee
  6. Quality Assurance Program Committee
  7. Research Committee
  8. Strategic Marketing Committee
  9. Terminations & Flashing Committee
  10. The Voice Committee (Education & Outreach)
  11. Whole Building Air Tightness Committee

Each committee has established by the board and is mandated to provide guidance to the Directors on specific areas of association operation.  A copy of the mandate for each committee is as follows. Standing committee members must be formally appointed to the Board of Directors, however the association welcomes any member to participate either in person or by conference at any meeting of such a standing committee.

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All ABAA Committees and the Board of Directors are required to follow the ABAA Policy for Balloting Official ABAA Documents. Click here for the ABAA Policy for Balloting.

Certification Management Committee:

Explore the creation of new certification program

Robert Popp (Chair)

Conference Committee:

Plan and execute ABAA conferences

Len Anastasi (Chair), Marcy Tyler

Contractors Committee:

The Contractor Committee purpose is to actively develop and support ABAA Contractors through the promotion and implementation of properly installed high performance air/vapor barrier systems. The committee actively encourages ABAA Contractors involvement through collaboration, sharing experiences, and discussions of issues that affect air barrier installation.

The Contractor Committee is an important committee that provides real field experience collaboration to all the other technical committees within ABAA. This collaboration is an empowered voice made up from Contractors like you, who care about their industry and participates fully to make the changes necessary for quality installations and services to our customers. Our voice can have an impact on such issues as the Audit process and cost, the Quality Assurance Program and accreditations, and materials selections among other important issues that face our industry. ABAA and its committees, especially the Contractor Committee, are here to promote integrity and professionalism in the air/vapor barrier systems.

Chair - TBD

Credibility & Quality (Technical) Committee:

The Credibility & Quality (Technical) Committee purpose is to advance the credibility of ABAA through scientifically evaluated products, systems, and professional services.

The Technical Committee is mandated to identify and research priorities to support future industry standards. The Committee actively assists in developing master specifications and test standards for the association and industry, as well as providing guidance on various technical issues regarding installation of air barrier materials and assemblies. Stakeholders provide resolutions for technical matters that arise in the field from ABAA members and interested parties that require assistance. The Committee develops processes and documents which add to everyone’s knowledge needed for the optimum design and installation of air barrier assemblies. When ABAA is approached by manufacturers presenting new types of air barrier materials, the Technical Committee is assigned the task of developing requirements for material evaluation and listing. The Committee actively supports code development work and assists in the development of technical content for educational tools and programs.

Ted DeZurik (Chair)

Previous Meeting Minutes — Previous meeting minutes are available to current association members only. If you would like to join the association, please click here.

Housewrap Committee:

Develop standards, specifications and requirements for the performance of water resistive barriers

Alisa Hoffee (Chair), Fred Baker (Vice-Chair)

Previous Meeting Minutes — Previous meeting minutes are available to current association members only. If you would like to join the association, please click here.

Quality Assurance Program Committee:

Evaluate the quality assurance program and make any necessary upgrades

Debra Kichline (Chair)

Research Committee:

Participate in research projects that drive enhanced system performance and benefits the air barrier industry

Chair - TBD

Strategic Marketing Committee:

Employ a collaborative approach of engagement and relationship building in order to advocate and promote ABAA and its programs to all levels of industry stakeholders

Alec Minné (Chair)

Terminations & Flashings Committee:

Develop standards, specifications and requirements for ancillary materials

Bill Nash (Chair)

The Voice Committee:

Create better awareness of the air barrier industry as the source for industry knowledge

Craig Wetmore (Chair)

Previous Meeting Minutes — Previous meeting minutes are available to current association members only. If you would like to join the association, please click here.

Whole Building Air Tightness Committee:

Develop standards, specifications and requirements for blower door technology

Terry Brennan (Chair)