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Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA)

The Center of Excellence for the Air Barrier Industry

ABAA Conference & Trade Show

2012 ABAA Conference & Trade Show

April 10th - 12th, 2012
Hyatt Chicago

With great success, the first ABAA Conference & Trade Show took over the Hyatt Chicago this past April 10-12, 2012. With over 380 in attendance, all were invited to meet & chat with the 40 exhibitors. With over 25 speakers in 52 sessions, the attendees were kept busy! As well, over 90 participants attended the various training workshops: Self-Adhered & Fluid Applied Certification; ABAA Auditor Training & Certification; Blower Door Technician Training; and WUFI Training. With such a wealth of knowledge available all in one Conference, it was difficult for some to choose which workshops to attend!

Feedback from attendees has been coming in a steady stream since the conference ended and here's what some of you are saying:

"I would like to thank and congratulate the ABAA Management team on the successful, 1st Annual ABAA conference. As I attend more and more educational conferences I find the training to be watered down and very basic most of the time. I thought the ABAA training was very interesting and impactful to the attendees that I spoke with. I look forward to attending future ABAA conferences in years to come." - Christopher Doyle, IBTS

"The conference, as a young design professional is a great way to learn and meet material reps that otherwise might not happen."

"The breadth of the program was excellent, it covered all aspects of the issues - codes, standards, architect, specifier, contractor, envelope consultants."

"Contained as much information as possible in fewest days possible, plus the periodic exhibitor hall opportunities really helped."

"For a first conference this was a massive success, I believe ABAA has accomplished their goal by getting people educated on air and vapor retarders."

"Unique networking opportunities from standard trade show conferences"

"Excellent speakers and information. Attendees were a great group. Location was good too."

"Well organized event with a high quality presentations and sessions. From the Design Profession side of the table I was very impressed with the Track 4, Testing and Analysis Sessions."

Read a review of the conference in this article written by Durability & Design journalist Joe Maty: Click here

We also received many comments about ways to improve and elements to include in the next conference. We thank you for your input and will be taking all your comments into consideration in the planning of next year's event. If you attended the conference and did not receive a survey by email, please contact the ABAA office to find out how you too can submit your thoughts and comments of this year's conference.

"I would really like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the event happen, the exhibitors for their support and the attendees for sacrificing their time under such difficult economic conditions. Please, come back again next year. I promise to make it even better." - Len Anastasi, Conference Committee Chairman

Thank you to all who were able to attend the ABAA Conference & Trade Show - we look forward to seeing you all again next year. For any who weren't able to make it this year, we can't wait for you to make it next year. Stay tuned for further information coming soon.

Delegate Presentations

  1. ABAA Outside Pressure Tap - David Saum
  2. ABAA Process for Approval Explained - Colin Szewaga
  3. ABAA Quality Assurance Program for the Air Barrier Industry - Ryan Dalgleish
  4. Air Barrier Materials - Colin Szewaga
  5. Air Barriers for CM, GC and SC - Bill Nash
  6. Air Barriers for Residential and Commercial Buildings - Desjarlais, Hun & Karagiozis
  7. Airtightness Testing of Commercial Buildings - David Saum
  8. ASTM 2178 and 2357 Explained - Robert Jutras
  9. Avoiding Pitfalls with Air Barriers - Vince Cammalleri
  10. Blower Door Technician Training - Terry Brennan
  11. Characterization of Air Leakage in Residential Construction - Salonvaara & Wolf
  12. Controlling Building Envelope Air Leakage - SteveTratt
  13. Design Considerations for Air Barriers - Lance Robson
  14. EIFS and Air Barriers - Sto Corp
  15. Four Barrier For Four Wetting Potentials - Len Anastasi
  16. Homer Louisiana Hospital Air Sealing Project, Case Study - Steve Tratt
  17. Incorporating Air Barriers in Specifications - Renee Doktorczyk
  18. Key Junctures and Interfaces for Air Barriers - Vince Cammalleri
  19. Masonry Veneer Anchors and Air Barrier Systems - Len Anastasi
  20. NFPA 285 and What it Means for Air Barriers - Jess Beitel
  21. NFPA 285 and What it Means for Air Barriers, Mike Luna - Intertek
  22. Whole Building Airtightness Testing - Terry Brennan
  23. Air Barriers for Residential and Commercial Buildings - Hun, Desjarlais & Karagiozis

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