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Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA)

The Center of Excellence for the Air Barrier Industry

ABAA Conference & Trade Show

2013 ABAA Conference & Trade Show

March 26th - 28th, 2013
Hyatt Regency, Chicago, IL

March 26th - 28th, 2013
Hyatt Regency, Chicago, IL

During this conference, three day comprehensive learning tracks and workshops will be offered for design professionals, general contractors, air barrier contractors, consultants and testing labs.

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A Salute to Air Barrier Excellence!

The Air Barrier Association of America is hosting its second annual conference and trade show in Chicago, IL on March 26-28, 2013.

During this conference, three day comprehensive learning tracks and workshops will be offered for design professionals, general contractors, air barrier contractors, consultants and testing labs.

ABAA Installer training, Auditor training, WUFI training, Blower Door Technician training and SPFA training will be offered during the conference.

Exhibitors will include manufacturers of air barrier materials and application equipment. Testing labs and building enclosure consulting companies will also be exhibiting.

Our focus is to bring you the largest variety of Air Barrier Industry resources, all located in one place!

Check out what some of the industry leaders are saying about the upcoming 'Salute to Air Barrier Excellence' Conference!

"The construction industry is specifying air and vapor barriers more and more as owners and building codes demand more energy efficient, healthy buildings. A thorough understanding of technologies and processes related to the building envelope is essential to achieving these goals. The ABAA tradeshow is a unique opportunity for building professionals, manufacturers and contractors to understand the options available to them, and help reduce the risk of choosing the wrong materials. As an innovator in AVB technology, Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing is pleased to be part of the conversation." - Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing (Gold Sponsor)

"Cosella-Dorken is please to be attending our second ABAA Air Barrier Conference. We are excited to see this year's Conference building on the success of last year's Conference. The Conference is proving to be the hub for expert knowledge on air barriers and building enclosures. Not only were we able to display our own expertise in the field, we were able to learn from others through attending very informative educational sessions and informal networking across the Conference days. We were provided with exposure the the top applicators and specifiers in the industry and that helps our business grow. The difficulty was selecting which of the sessions to attend when they were all so informative. We are looking forward to both sharing and growing our own knowledge and experiences again in 2013." - Cosella-Dorken (Gold Sponsor)

"IBTS looks forward to our participation in the ABAA conference and hopes to improve the application of commercial air barriers throughout the United States. Our experienced auditors coupled with ABAA's experienced installers can provide air barriers for buildings that will show energy savings throughout the years." - IBTS (Silver Sponsor)

"Owens Corning is excited to again be a corporate conference sponsor for this important building industry event. The importance of the proper use of air barriers in the commercial construction market is finally becoming widely appreciated. The ABAA conference is a great opportunity for those in the field to learn more of the details of how to properly apply products to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings while also enhancing the durability of the structure through sound moisture control." - Owens Corning (Bronze Sponsor)

"I go to various shows each year, I go to the ABAA Trade Show and Conference to learn about all things Air Barrier." - Roy Schauffele, FCSI, CCPR, LEED Green Associate (President, Division 7 Solutions, Inc.)

"I am interested and excited about presenting on an aspect of building infiltration and exfiltration which is a companion to Air, but has not made it to the marquis: Water Vapor. The visible damage inflicted to buildings with faulty air barrier assemblies comes not from air, but from the water vapor carried in the air.

I would like to raise the level of consciousness of the importance of barrier vapor permeability, and propose a simple, correct and fair method to measure that property, which can be utilized by barrier manufacturers and ABAA testing agencies alike."
- Rick LeFevre, Senior R&D Chemist

Delegate Presentations

  1. Andre Desjarlais - Air Barriers for Residential and Commerical Buildings
  2. Andre Desjarlais & Achilles Karagiozis - The ABAA, ORNL & DOE Research Project
  3. Bill Nash - ABAA Advanced Considerations for Air Barriers
  4. Bill Nash - Advanced Considerations for Air Barriers
  5. Colin Szewaga - ABAA Material Acceptance Criteria
  6. Colin Szewaga - So You Need an Audit
  7. Darren Newhook - Avoiding Pitfalls as an ABAA
  8. Darren Newhook - Estimating Air Barrier Jobs
  9. George Moehrle - Avoiding Pitfalls as an ABAA Contractor
  10. Jesse Beitel - NFPA 285 and What it Means for Air Barriers
  11. Keith Nelson - Building Enclosure Commissioning
  12. Ken Roko - 3-D Design Considerations for Air Barriers
  13. Laverne Dalgleish - Basic Air Barrier Requirements
  14. Laverne Dalgleish - Truths and Fallacies on Site Field-Testing
  15. Len Anastasi - Avoiding Pitfalls With Spray Foam
  16. Len Anastasi - Basic Building Science and Theory
  17. Len Anastasi - Masonry Veneer Anchors & Air Barriers
  18. Mike Beaton - The Changing Landscapes of Code Evaluations
  19. Mike Luna - NFPA 285
  20. Phil Emory - Building Envelope Testing ABAA Presentation
  21. Rick LeFevre - A Practical Approach to Water Vapor Transmission Measurement on Air Barriers
  22. Ryan Dalgleish - About the ABAA, ABAA Training & ABAA QAP
  23. Robert Jutras - ASTM E 2178 & ASTM E 2357 Explained
  24. Robert Mimmo & Brian Neely - Air Vapor Barrier Case Study
  25. Steve Tratt - Air Sealing Existing Bldgs for Energy Savings
  26. Steve Wong - Measure Air Leakage in High Rise Buildings
  27. Terry Brennan - Whole Building Air Tightness Testing
  28. Vince Cammalleri - Avoiding pitfalls with Air Barriers
  29. Vince Cammalleri - Key Junctions and Interfaces for Air Barriers

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