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Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA)

The Center of Excellence for the Air Barrier Industry

Become an ABAA Approved Speaker!

Do you have experience in the air barrier industry?  Do you enjoy public speaking?  The Voice Committee would like to invite ABAA Members to apply to become an ABAA Approved Speaker!

If you are interested, please review the following information.  Once you have filled out these forms and submitted them, the ABAA office will get in contact with you.

2007 Quality Committement Statement

Code of Ethics for Presentations

Request to be an ABAA Approved Speaker

All of ABAA's Approved Speakers are listed on the ABAA website, which also features several of our presentations.  In order to belisted, we will need a short biography, your resume detailing your years of experience. 

Wondering what the process is for assigning speakers to requested presentations?

When the ABAA office receives a request for an ABAA presentation, the ABAA office reviews the request and compares the location of the requested presentation to those of the ABAA approved speakers.  The speaker that is closest to the location in question will subsequently be emailed the particulars of the Request and will be asked to confirm availability, as well as provide ABAA with a proposed budget for the presentation. If the budget falls within ABAA’s approved range, ABAA will absorb the cost of the presentation and proceed with scheduling and put the Speaker and Requestor in direct contact. If the budget exceeds the approved range, the Presentation Request will be sent to The Voice Committee for review. If approved, ABAA will proceed with scheduling and put the Speaker and Requestor in direct contact.

Further details will be provided to you along with certain forms to take along with you to the presentations.

Please contact Sheena for your questions and further information: