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Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA)

The Center of Excellence for the Air Barrier Industry

Ryan Dalgleish, Chief Operating Officer

How long have you been working with ABAA?

Since it’s inception. I developed the business plan and case in conjunction with Laverne that got ABAA going.

What’s your role in helping the Association?

Providing vision, coming up with cool ideas and helping the Board execute their plan.

What city do you currently live in & where’s the farthest place you’ve travelled to?

Live in Winnipeg and farthest place I’ve travelled is Mexico.

What was your favorite TV Show and Band while you were growing up?

I loved Saturday Night Live, Knight Rider and Dallas, Three’s Company.

Band: Millencolin.

What is one of the least intelligent things you have done and then wondered “What was I thinking?!”

Got married (just kidding). Went to work for my dad. But it’s good now!

What are you most excited about with regards to ABAA’s future?

Untapped potential.