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Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA)

The Center of Excellence for the Air Barrier Industry

Russ Snow, ABAA Director, The Voice Oversight Chair

How long have you been on the Board of Directors and what's your current position?

About a year and a half and I am the Chair of the Voice Oversight Committee

What made you want to be a part of ABAA?

I have been a member of the Credibility and Quality Committee for a number of years and wanted to go to the next level in my contributions to the ABAA. I feel that the organization is the leader in the education and promotion of air barriers in our industry and with my experience; I feel that I can contribute to the ongoing development of the organization.

What city do you currently live in & where is the farthest place you've travelled to?

Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Brantford is southwest of Toronto and for all you hockey fans is the home of Wayne Gretzky. The furthest place I have travelled to was to the United Arab Emirates this year. What a fantastic experience!

What was your favorite TV Show and Band while you were growing up?

My favorite TV show was the A-Team. I love it when "a plan comes together". My favorite band was U2 (well, really it was Michael Jackson but I was scared to admit that back then)

What is one of the least intelligent things you have done and then wondered "What was I thinking?!"

This took a long time for me to come up with as there are so many to choose from but it has to be when I was a child being a daredevil on my bicycle. I was riding my bike down a large hill with stone walls on either side (without a helmet and shirtless) and at the bottom of the hill, hit some gravel, went over the handlebars and hit the wall. After a couple of days in the hospital and a concussion, I realized that my daredevil days were over and would let Evel Knievel reign as the number one daredevil. Maybe this concussion would explain a number of these other "least intelligent things"?

What are you most excited about with regards to ABAA's future?

I am most excited about the growth of the association over the time that I have been involved with them. It has been great to see more involvement from all levels in the industry and having air barrier requirements being recognized across the country. Moving forward, I am excited to see (and be a part of) the continued growth and contributions of the association to the construction industry.