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Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA)

The Center of Excellence for the Air Barrier Industry

Brian Stroik, ABAA Board of Directors and Chairman of the Research Committee

How long have you been on the Board of Directors and what’s your current position?

April 2014. Chair of the Research Committee.

What made you want to be part of ABAA?

Leaders in research and education for building enclosures on air barriers.

What city do you currently live in & where is the farthest place you’ve travelled to?

Currently live in Richfield WI, Jamaica is the furthest place I have traveled.

What was your favorite TV Show while you were growing up?

Scooby Doo - could there be anything better?

What is one of the least intelligent things you have done and then wondered “What was I thinking?!”

Keep in mind I now work for one of the safest construction companies in the US, whose motto is "everyone goes home safe." 12 years ago I was building my house. My trusses came in two section, the larger bottom section and a 5'-0" top piece. After setting the bottom trusses I was standing on top of them waiting to receive the smaller one, feet spread apart each standing on a 1 1/2" wide piece of wood with me up over 30 feet in the air looking down - nothing keeping me from falling other than luck. I remember thinking to myself "if I fall this is really gonna hurt!"

What are you most excited about with regards to ABAA’s future?

The research ABAA is doing out in the field in real life conditions, and getting these results to construction groups like Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers, and Installers.