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ABAA Committee and Task Group Updates

ABAA has some exciting news regarding our committees and task groups.

The ABAA Whole Building Air Tightness Testing Committee is 2/3 of the way through writing a new ASTM standard on conducting large building air tightness testing.  We expect the standard to be released on our website in mid-2013.  The committee is looking for partners to conduct some air leakage testing on a building that they have the ability to test over a wide range of ambient conditions.

The ABAA Penetration Sealability Task Group is in the process of developing a standard test method to test the air leakage of penetrations and fasteners of all air barrier materials. We expect this test method to be ready in mid-2013.

The ABAA Pull-Adhesion Testing Task Group will be conduct their first meeting at the end of October where a full scope of work will be defined.  The end goal will be to develop a standard pass/fail value for field pull-adhesion testing in accordance with ASTM D4541 when tested to a defined criteria.

A NFPA 285 adhoc group will be a group of ABAA manufacturer members who will discuss joining forces to conduct NFPA 285 testing for the applicable code requirements.

For information on any of these groups, email us at