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ABAA Quality Assurance Program

Can I specify ABAA without the Quality Assurance Program?

The ABAA Technical Committee has worked hard to develop model specifications for the design professional community to use. In the model specification for air barrier we provide recommendations on how references to ABAA should be made. We encourage the design professional to include all of the requirements of the "ABAA Quality Assurance Program", that they require "ABAA Accredited Contractors" at time of bidding and all through construction, and that the work is done by "ABAA Accredited and Licensed Installer"

We are finding that the design professional may only make reference to one of the ABAA requirements rather than to all of them. Should you see a specification that makes mention of ABAA in any way shape or form, please advise the ABAA office and send a copy of the project specifications. In most cases the design professional wants the complete ABAA Quality Assurance Program and we will work with them to determine the appropriate wording.

Keep in mind that contractors have signed a Licensing Agreement which states:
"If ABAA is mentioned in a project specification in any way, you must treat it as an ABAA specification."

As the ABAA Quality Assurance Program is a voluntary, industry led program, it is the project specifications which determine whether the ABAA Quality Assurance Program is required or not. If the project specifications do not require the ABAA Quality Assurance Program, then the contractor is not obligated to follow the ABAA requirements for that project.

ABAA only has one Quality Assurance Program which is a complete program. There is no such thing as only having "ABAA Certified Installers" or "ABAA Accredited Contractors". The design professional either wants the ABAA Quality Assurance Program or they do not.

Every time the ABAA office is notified of a "partial ABAA project", we will contact the design professional and have them clarify that is a complete ABAA Quality Assurance Program or have any reference to ABAA removed.

The only way to obtain bids from contractors that are fair and comparable is to have the ABAA Quality Assurance Program completely in or completely out. There is no room for half measures.

ABAA Accredited Contractors are obliged under the ABAA licensing agreement to complete any project which evens mentions ABAA under the ABAA requirements.

Contractors who work on a project which requires ABAA in any form, and who do not comply with all the requirements of ABAA, will loose their license. Take the time to have any issues with a particular project clarified at time of bidding.

The ABAA Contractor Licensing Agreement States

1.2 "ABAA Specified" is when an architect or building owner includes ABAA contractors, installers, the ABAA QAP or other any specifications or amendment of specifications set by ABAA or the Air Barrier QAP affecting Accredited Installer(s), Accredited Contractor(s), and Accredited Manufacturer(s) and includes ABAA standards, in their contract specifications for a building project., or requirements.

3.3 The Contractor Licensee hereby undertakes to comply with all applicable provisions of the QAP for the duration of the Term. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Contractor Licensee hereby confirms that it shall comply with all applicable obligations and requirements set forth in the QAP.

3.5 The Contractor Licensee agrees that prior to the installation of an air barrier system, it will report in writing to the ABAA the square footage of air barrier material(s) to be installed together with a copy of the Contractor Licensee's contract and project specification.