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Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA)

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Water-Resistive Barrier Specifications

Design professionals can purchase AIA Master Specifications for water resistive barriers by visiting the Arcom online catalog at

The Air Barrier Association of America develops master specifications for various water resistive barrier assemblies that will provide guidance to the design professional for developing the final project specifications. These assembly specifications combined with proper details will provide the tools and guidance for building construction professionals to incorporate water resistive barrier assemblies and to develop a water drainage system for their buildings.


Please note that the information provided in ABAA Master Specifications, based on current customs and practices of the trade, is offered in good faith and believed to be true, but is made WITHOUT WARRANTY, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO FITNESS, MERCHANTABILITY, OR ANY OTHER MATTER. ABAA DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE ARISING OUT OF ITS USE. Individual manufacturers and contractors should be consulted for specific information. Nominal values which may be provided herein are believed to be representative, but are not to be used as specifications nor assumed to be identical to finished products. ABAA does not endorse the proprietary products or processes of any individual manufacturer, or the services of any individual contractor.

ABAA has developed a Position Paper to encourage placing all the requirements for air barriers in a separate section where a single contractor can be responsible for the air barrier assembly.

ABAA has also developed a Division 1 Specification which provides administrative and procedural requirements for accomplishing an airtight building enclosure that controls infiltration or exfiltration of air, inspection and testing services required to verify compliance with requirements specified or indicated, necessary information for the coordination between subcontractors required to provide an airtight building enclosure, customized fabrication and installation procedures, not production of standard products: The Air Barrier System: Section 01410

ABAA Water-Resistive Barrier Master Specifications