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Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA)

The Center of Excellence for the Air Barrier Industry

Information for Manufacturers

ABAA is the center of excellence in the air barrier industry. The associations long term strategy revolves around a number of intertwining goals. ABAA will to play a pivotal role in the education, lobbying and marketing of the industry to government, the professional community, building owners, utilities and other industry stakeholders. A tremendous amount of work is required to develop air barrier standards, lobby for code inclusion, research air barrier technology and expand the market share and acceptance of this technology.

The association is also seeking to raise the standard of proficiency in the industry through the ABAA on-Site Quality Assurance Program, based on the principles outlined in ISO 9000. ABAA wishes to develop a professional industry which will lead to greater market acceptance and more importantly ensuring the current codes that reference air barriers are not given a reason to take them out.



Manufacturer Accreditation & Approved Product Listing

Accredited manufacturers are included in the ABAA specifications with approved products which results in an increase in sales and greater market exposure, along with the ability to play on a level playing field with other manufacturers.

ABAA Air Barrier Master Specifications

Click her for the ABAA Air Barrier Master Specifications

ABAA Quality Assurance Program

An on-site quality assurance program is the result of a variety of initiatives that provide a level of assurance that a specific product is installed correctly or a specific service is being provided to the highest possible standards. A quality assurance program (QAP) ensures that the product or products have been installed correctly deals with the methods and procedures in place to provide assurance of proper installation.

ABAA's Quality Assurance Program consists of 9 components, all working together to provide you with the highest level of confidence that the air barrier will be installed correctly and to high industry standards. ABAA's QAP is modeled after the ISO 9002 program criteria.

Raising the Bar

As a manufacturer participating in the QAP you gain a competitive edge over non-accredited manufacturers. ABAA manufacturers are viewed as the manufacturers of choice for air barrier materials and assemblies. ABAA also serves as an impartial resource.

Done Right—The First Time

Correct installation of your product the first time will result in a reduction in callbacks and the subsequent associated costs as well as a reduction in claims!

Feedback on your Product from the Job Site

Identify problems which can occur in the field and receive the necessary data to assist in the development of next generation of air barrier materials when you participate in the ABAA QAP!

Air Barrier Quality Assurance Program

ABAA Website

The ABAA website is a premier resource for air barrier information. Accredited manufacturers are not only featured prominently on the site, but are also referenced in the interactive search tool.

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Additional Benefits

ABAA supports lobbying for the inclusion of air barriers in building codes on both state and national levels and has worked with several states to implement air barriers into state codes. By facilitating the sharing of resources, ABAA is also able to provide large scale research opportunities

Codes & Standards

ABAA provides manufacturer members with the opportunity to promote their interests at trade shows, industry seminars, and other events where early adopters and design professionals gather to learn more about new industry trands and innovations. As a membership association, ABAA allows you to reach a large target market while limiting your expenses.

Education and outreach tools to educate general contractors, design professionals and building officials.

Support when dealing with building officials

Technical assistance on design, installation and quality control issues.

Continual dissemination of new research, publications, industry initiatives and other resources to keep you current.

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